Friday, December 28, 2007

Early adopters pt. 2

Following from Andrew's post that Dyson Airblades are being rolled out across the US, I can now report that they are now being seen across the 'Mild West'.

However, I'm not sure that everyone in Bristol quite 'gets' the Airblade, as this sign, found in the Gents loo at Cribbs, attests. I've also seen people try and dry their hands in an Airblade as if it were a regular 'blow-dryer' - needless to say it took them ages, and they probably got their cuffs wet.

Not the sharpest 'Blade'

And we're all working on our grammar too... presumably when one uses the dryer, one's hands come out drier?

Early adopters pt. 1

People who try brand new things can sometimes run into teething problems with said products, simply because they are so new and the products have not been tested in all the situations that life can throw at them.

Unfortunately for Reuben, his parents a) have cameras (or friends with cameras), and b) aren't ashamed of capturing his early attempts to figure out how to live in the world with grace and poise. Having said that, he's so adorable, that he shouldn't be too worried about this picture (thanks Ralph) of his latest escapade in his Moses basket.

Muslin headgear

Monday, December 17, 2007

... the time came for the baby to be born ...

Unsurprisingly, perhaps, the Christmas story has taken on new meanings for me this year. I first became familiar with Chapter 2 of Luke's gospel when I had to read it at my school's carol service, or perhaps our church nativity service, in Nairobi. Which was a long time ago. And it was fitting that as a child I suppose I related most to the childish sections of the story: the hard-to-pronounce-words; shepherds "washing their socks" and "tuning to BBC"; sheep and cows.

And growing older, my focus hasn't shifted further than digging into the more esoteric details of the story: how shepherds were ranked in the first century Jewish society; how Luke nailed this story into the timeline of history with mention of Caesar and the census; how angels maintain their 100% record in Scripture of being absolutely terrifying to behold; how the shepherds got 'in' on the kingdom by being a bit cheeky.

But then the time came for me to become a parent - a father to a son - and changed this story forever.

Sunday, December 09, 2007

A new life

Reuben came home on Thursday afternoon, and since then we have all been adjusting to our new lives. We've had an amazing amount of support from family and friends, and it has made a huge difference in the last few days, so thanks to all who've sent good wishes, said prayers, made yummy food, and given gifts. We've been so inundated with flowers that we've even got a beautiful bunch of flowers in our bathroom (which we both quite like actually).

We had our first family outing on Friday - to the Southmead Hospital Registry Office - and Reuben is now 'legal'.

Saturday was a day of rest and friends popping in. We also 'fine-tuned' the nursery a bit more, now that it's had some proper use; Myrtle the Bear had a close call during one nappy change, so we now have some tissues close to hand for any spontaneous water-features.

Today was a leisurely Sunday. Having brought the Christmas tree in from outside (thanks Matt), we've begun decorating it, and I've also found time to blog and post some new photos.

Looking around

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Reuben Jack Arthur Hope

A good grip

7lb 11oz at 12.46 pm. Both he and his mother did exceptionally well, and are comfortable in hospital right now.

(edited 09.12.07 with correct birth weight)

Monday, December 03, 2007

We're still waiting...